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Luxury Paradise Resort & SPA


NOOK, arises as a unique concept of investment in real estate, being unique spaces designed to rent as a resort, which has all the amenities and services that this business model requires. It is a business model CONDO-HOTEL, which consists in operating the property as a whole as a hotel, offering owners a proper management of their assets, greater profitability and a place to go on vacation.


At NOOK Tulum we prefer to manage the property on our own through the Property Management service through the Condo-Hotel format. Through this format, we incorporate all the departments to an income pool system that allows us to offer all the departments as a whole, with this we make that your department is generating even without renting and thus avoiding a possible competition between neighbors; By managing the property under this scheme we take care that your department is always in excellent conditions so that you have the highest possible occupancy, thus generating a great return for our investors.


Annual yields in dollars
All apartments are delivered "turnkey", fully furnished, decorated and equipped, thus maintaining the image of the hotel in a unified and similar.
The economic growth of the local gdp is higher than 7% per year.
The mayan riviera is the tourist area with the highest flow at the national level and the highest tourism at international level
the mayan train is a trigger for the whole area since it will bring a favorable economic impact and an increase in the flow of tourists.
Being a hotel, the income is in dollars, thus providing an exchange security to the investor.
The tourism sector is benefited by devaluations since it makes it cheaper to come and consume in the country.
Amenities - There are few developments that currently have amenities of this type.
additional income spa, gym and restaurant
There is only 1 similar concept in the "kasa" región.
Investors should not worry about the operation and maintenance of the units and common areas since all this is considered in the operation of the hotel.
The administration is responsible for the agendas, rents, Maintenance and payments related to day-to-day operations.
The property also includes 3 years construction warranty which allows the investor to receive their income without additional worries.



Nook Tulum
Tulum, Quintana Roo
Email: jorge@inkpress.com.mx
Phone: (123) 456-7890